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Software bundled with DWA-140 not working on Windows XP

About three years ago I bought a wireless router and a Dlink  DWA-140 usb network adapter. For some reason the included software was unable to detect this adapter no matter what I tried. It just gave me the error message:

“Wireless Adapter not found!
Please insert the adapter now.”

I tried contacting customer support at Dell, but got no answer and searching on the internet I could only find one person with the same problem who hadn’t been able to solve it either.

After some more debugging I finally found a workaround. I installed the third part connection manager WeFi and that could find my usb adapter without any problem and I’ve been using that to connect to the network since then.

I posted my solution on the same forum and here is a copy of that post in case it is removed in the future:

I have recently bought a DWA-140 and have the exact same problem. I found this page by searching on google and thought I give my story in case more people with the same problem find this thread. The original post is somewhat old now so you might have given up on this but I hope I can help someone at least.

I followed all installation steps closely and got the exact same error message as you. I tried reinstalling the drivers and tried plugging the DWA-140 into different USB ports without any success.

My current computer is a Dell Dimension 8400. I also tried to install the DWA-140 on my older computer (self built from parts of various brands) but I had the exact same problem there. The old computer is using XP pro and the new XP home.

In addition to this I tried to install the DWA-140 on a laptop I borrowed (IBM ThinkPad X41 with XP home) from work. There everything worked perfectly at once. The first of the two main differences between this computer and the two others I tested on is that this is a laptop and those two were normal desktop computers. The other main difference is that the laptop already have a built in wireless adapter.

It seems like the “Connection Wizard” can not detect this network adapter on startup but if you have other network adapters as well it will detect them instead. And after this initial check you are able to use the DWA-140 adapter from the connection wizard.

So I was able to verify that the DWA-140 works fine for me and it is just a software issue with the connection wizard. After this I searched for other wireless network managers and found WeFi http://www.wefi.com/. I downloaded and installed this and it directly found the DWA-140 and were able to connect to my wireless network using this. I have only been connected to the wireless network for a day now but so far everything have worked great.

It’s not really a solution that gets the D-Link connection manager to work but you can download another connection manager and access internet with you DWA-140 and at least for me that’s the most important thing.

Just a final note in case more people find this post from google like I did. When I first installed DWA-140 I choose Swedish installation. It failed in the same way but gave a localized error message. The strange thing is that it gave it in Polish instead of Swedish so I was very confused since I don’t understand Polish. The error message it gave was:
“punkt dost powy posiada zaawansowane ustawienia sieciowe”

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